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Qunit: Cluster Units Conversion Utility

Qunit current version is 2.4.02 [10 Mar 2010]

Qunit version 2.4.02 is derived from QSAS 2.4.02.

This version is available as source under Lesser
GPL public licence.

Qunit downloads as a gzipped tar file which opens into a directory qunit.

It contains

Qunit allows comparison of different unit strings (in a specified format) to determine whether the units may be interconverted, and if so, the numerical conversion factor between them.

Download the qunit.tar.gz.

Qunit is maintained by the Space and Atmospheric group in the Physics Department at Imperial College London as part of our role in the Cluster Science Centre within the UK. This software, while designed with Cluster in mind, are quite general in applicability for data that is described by a string with SI_CONVERSION syntax from the Cluster mission.


This software was written by the CSC Team at IC and QMUL. The team members have included, in alphabetical order, Tony Allen (, Stuart Bale, Janet Barnes, Nora Bounaira, David Burgess (, Gareth Chisham, Markus Fraenz, Anthony Hare, Steve Schwartz (, Alban Rochel and Abdeslam Serroukh. Current team members are shown with an email address. Please address all comments to csc-support-dl.

Qtran is developed as part of the Cluster Science Centre within the UK and funded by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council . The software is provided as is under the GPL public licence, though QM and IC retain the copyright. No liability is accepted for any damage resulting from the installation or use of this software, and no guarantee of its suitability is implied for any use other than the scientific visualisation and manipulation of Cluster science data. Copyright.

Last up-dated 10 Mar 2010

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