Titan Revealed:

Latest findings from Cassini/Huygens measurements

Royal Astronomical Society

Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House

Piccadilly, London

February 10, 2006

In this discussion meeting we intend to examine latest scientific findings about Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The Cassini/Huygens mission is continuously providing new observations of Titan's surface, atmosphere and space environment which along with theoretical modelling, Earth based observations and laboratory measurements are exploited scientifically. Their ongoing interpretation will substantially benefit from cross-discipline collaborations in the same way that different regions on Titan, its space environment, atmosphere and surface are known to directly interact. We therefore welcome contributions from all areas of Titan science.

Invited speakers: Prof. Fritz Neubauer (Univ. of Cologne), Dr. Jean-Pierre Lebreton (ESA), Prof. John Zarnecki (Open University), Dr. Nick Teanby (Oxford Univ.)

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Scientific Programme, Abstracts

Location and Map


Scientific organizers:

Ingo Mueller-Wodarg, Imperial College London (i.mueller-wodarg<at>imperial.ac.uk)

Andrew Coates, Mullard Space Sciences Laboratory, UCL (ajc<at>mssl.ucl.ac.uk)

and the UK Planetary Forum