Tropical Cyclone

Tropical Cyclones

Extreme events have a profound impact on society. We have developed a novel weather generator: IMAGE. We are using observations and fully coupled ocean-atmosphere- wave models (WRF_ROMS_SWAN) to understand the physical processes of tropical cyclones. A global stochastic model of tropical cyclones for risk assessment is being developed. We produce seasonal forecasts of West Pacific typhoons.

Presentation on Tropical Cyclones

Funders: NERC, EPSRC, UK Met Office, EU, Industry



CSC Scholarships for Visiting Students


We welcome applicants for 1 year visiting PhD students on the China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship. Any research topic of your choice related to tropical cyclones will be considered. You will be joining the largest tropical cyclone research team in Europe, gaining unique experience of studying at Imperial College and living in London. Other benefits are: 

  • An extra allowance on top of the CSC stipend  
  • Expenses to attend an international conference during your stay to present your research of this scholarship  
  • No bench fee. 


Please send your CV to Prof. Ralf Toumi, 


The Team

Senior Researchers

Dr Nathan Sparks

Dr Eric Lai

PhD Students

Enoch Tsui

Rui Chen (CSC Scholar, National Defense Technology University, China)


Dr Shuai Wang (Princeton University, GFDL, USA)

Dr Adewale Ajao (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)

Prof Bahareh Kamranzad (University of Kyoto, Japan)


Past members


Nicola Clegg (Electricity NorthWest, Manchester)

Victoria Williams (EPSRC Fellow in Transport, London)

Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace (SCOR, Insurance, Zurich, Switzerland)

Adam Hadley (Hedge Fund, London)

Ashley Tomsett (Deloitte, Nottingham)

Jo Syroka (African Risk Capacity, South Africa)

Alessio Farhadi (BNP, Banking, London)

Mark McCarthy (UK Met Office, Exeter)

Paul Wilson (Risk Management Solutions, Insurance, London)

Elizabeth Kendon (Kennett) (UK Met Office, Exeter)

Nicola Ranger (Patmore) (World Bank)

Stephen Smith (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, London)

Matt Rigby (University of Bristol)

Catherine Reiffen (Science Museum, London)

Robert Seaman (UK Met Office, Exeter)

Andrew Singleton (Norwegian Met Office, Oslo, Norway)

Marilia Giannakopoulou (EDF Energy, London)

Clea Denamiel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

James Farley-Nichols (Weather Analyst, City Financial, London)

Bronwyn Cahill (Consulting, Berlin, Germany)

Rachel White (University of Washington, USA)

Christina Newinger (Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany)

Raluca Radu (ECMWF, Reading)

Matthias Schmid (Willis Re, London)

Benjamin Wong (Ministry of Defence, Singapore)

Hannah Nissan (Columbia University, New York, USA)

Maria Broadbridge (University of Reading)

Sam Phibbs (Willis Re, London)

Helen Tamura-Wicks (School of Public Health, Imperial College)

Nicolas Bruneau (National Centre of Oceanography, Liverpool)

Stephen Hardwick (, Data Science start-up)

Carlo Corsaro (, Data Science start-up)

Arjav Trivedi (Data Science, Arsenal FC)

Yi Li (National Supercomputing Center, Wuxi)

Robbie Parks (Columbia University, Ney York)

Cesar Quilodran Casas (Data Science Institute, Imperial College)

Thomas Leahy (Medical Statistician, Consultancy)

Mohan Smith (Risk Management Solution, London)

Luke Phillipson (Octopus Energy)

Shuai Wang (Princeton University, GFDL)