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The RPC-0 Box

The RPC-0 Box contains the electronics for the PIU, the central hub of the RPC experiment, and the electronics for three of the five experiment; MAG, MIP and LAP. The other two experiments' electronics are combined with their sensor housings and are mounted with a view to space on the exterior of the spacecraft.

RPC box (external view)

The cut-away drawing of the box below shows the position of the electronic cards. The bottom three cards belong to the PIU and are, from the bottom up, the power supply card (PSU), the transceiver & switch card (TSU) and finally the data processing and interface card (DPIU). Above the PIU comes the MAG experiment (1 card), the MIP experiment (1 card) and finally the LAP experiment (2 cards).

RPC box (cut-away view)

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