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Plasma signatures of radial field power dropouts
E.A. Lucek, T.S. Horbury, A. Balogh, and D.J. McComas

Solar Wind Nine,ed. S.R Habbal, AIP 475 - 478, 1999

A class of small scale structures, with a near-radial magnetic field and a drop in magnetic field fluctuation power, have recently been identified in the polar solar wind. An earlier study of 24 events, each lasting for 6 hours or more, identified no clear plasma signature. In an extension of that work, radial intervals lasting for 4 hours or more (89 in total), have been used to search for a statistically significant plasma signature. It was found that, despite considerable variations between intervals, there was a small but significant drop, on average, in plasma temperature, density and beta during these events.

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