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Please note:
If you are contacting us regarding the use of Ulysses data, please see the data page for information on whom to contact.

Name Role Email
Prof. André Balogh Principal Investigator a.balogh@ic.ac.uk
Prof. David Southwood Co-Investigator d.southwood@ic.ac.uk
Prof. Peter Cargill Guest Investigator p.cargill@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Bob Forsyth Co-Investigator r.forsyth@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Michèle Dougherty Lecturer m.dougherty@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Malcolm Dunlop Research Fellow m.dunlop@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Elizabeth Lucek Research Associate e.lucek@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Geraint Jones Research Associate g.h.jones@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Joachim Schmidt Research Associate j.m.schmidt@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Panagiota Petkaki Research Associate g.petkaki@ic.ac.uk
Dr. Silvia Dalla Research Associate s.dalla@ic.ac.uk
Jonathan Gloag  Postgraduate student  jonathan.gloag@ic.ac.uk
Murtaza Gulamali  Postgraduate student  m.gulamali@ic.ac.uk 
Christina Pagel Postgraduate student  c.pagel@ic.ac.uk
Adam Rees Postgraduate student adam.rees@ic.ac.uk

Telephone numbers

For direct-dial phone numbers and room numbers, please consult the SPAT Group Members page. To telephone the Group secretary, phone +44 20 7594 7770.

Fax number

The Group fax number is +44 20 7594 7772.

Postal details

The postal address for the Group is:
Space and Atmospheric Physics Group

The Blackett Laboratory
Imperial College
Prince Consort Road

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