Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
Blackett Laboratory
Prince Consort Road
South Kensington
London SW7 2BW

telephone: 020 7594 7859
email: a.thorne@ic.ac.uk

I am a Senior Research Fellow and Senior Research Investigator in the Department of Physics. My research is centred in the Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Group, part of the Laser Optics and Spectroscopy Group of the Department of Physics, at Imperial College .

Before my retirement I was also active in teaching in the Physics Department and in pastoral care in the College. I served 20 years as Senior Tutor for Women Students and took a leading part in starting the Imperial College Day Nursery.

I combined my teaching and research interests in a book, "Spectrophysics". The first and second editions (1974 and 1988) of this are out of print, but the book has now been rewritten as "Spectrophysics: Principles and Applications" in collaboration with U.Litzen and S.Johansson. It was published in 1999 by Springer Verlag .


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