Marina Galand


Reader in Planetary Sciences at the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group, Department of Physics, Imperial College London

Member of the Imperial Space Lab.

Visiting Researcher at the Center for Space Physics, Boston University

Imperial College homepage:

Email: m.galand at

Ph.D., Université de Grenoble, France (1996)

Work Experience

Scientific Research:

* Scientific PUBLICATIONS *

- Recent/current PG Students:

Gianluca Carnielli (Y2), Kevin Héritier (Y2)

Joshua Chadney (PhD, 2015)

Luc Sagnières (MSc with extended research, 2014)

- Current Research Associate:

Arnaud Beth

- Past Research Associates:

Jun Cui (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Licia Ray (UCL),

Erik Vigren (IRF/Uppsala), Susarla Raghuram (NIT)

Rosetta. Credit: ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM (Comet 67P)

Selection: Invited Lectures & Keynotes

- Invited Speaker, Rosetta: Why are we chasing a comet?, Imperial SpaceLab Conference 2014, London, UK, September 25, 2014.

- Lecturer, 2014 STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School, London, UK, September 14-19, 2014.

- Lecturer, 2013 Heliophysics Summer School “Heliophysics of the Planetary System”, Boulder, USA, July 12-19, 2013.

- Lecturer, Astrobiology Summer School “Molecules in Space”, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden, June 25-July 2, 2013.

Key Teaching/Administrative Activity:

- Lecturer, Vector Calculus (Year 1) [2014-present]

- Academic Coordinator, Physics Exchange Programme [2011-2014]

- Lecturer, Atmospheric Physics (Year 4) [2009-2013]

Instrument Involvement in Space Missions:

- Co-I, Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI), ESA / JUpiter ICy Moon Explorer (JUICE).

- Co-I, UltraViolet Spectrograph (UVS), ESA / JUpiter ICy Moon Explorer (JUICE).

- Co-I, Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC), ESA/Rosetta.

- Associate Scientist, Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (Rosina), ESA/Rosetta

- Team Associate, Radio and Plasma Wave Science (RPWS), Cassini-Huygens.

- Supporting Investigator, ESA/Venus Express.

- Co-I, Lightning and Airglow Camera (LAC), JAXA/Akatsuki [formerly known as Planet-C and Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO)]

Selection: Community experience

- President, Scientific Committee, Laboratoire d’Excellence (LabEx) “Plas@Par”, Paris, France, 2014 to 2016.

- Member, Scientific Programme Committee, 6th Alfvén conference: Plasma interaction with Solar System objects: Anticipating Rosetta, Maven, and Mars Orbiter Mission, London, UK, 7-11 July 2014.

- Member, Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) of EU/FP7 Europlanet (EPN) Research Infrastructure (RI), 2010-2012.

- Leader, International Team on Saturn Aeronomy, International Space Science Institute (ISSI), 2009-2010.

Selection: Outreach Activities

- Participant, "A comet revealed", Royal Society Summer Exhibition, London, UK, July 2016.

- Leader, Exhibit on “Sniffing the building blocks of the Solar System with Rosetta”, Imperial Fringe, Imperial College London, London, UK, December 2014.

- Participant, "Catch A Comet", Royal Society Summer Exhibition, London, UK, July 2014.

- Leader, Exhibit on “Dirty snowball or the origin of life?”, Imperial Fringe: Fluid thinking, Imperial College London, London, UK, December 2013.

- Co-I, Royal Society Summer Exhibit on "Ice Worlds", London, UK, July 2013.


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At the 2013 Royal Society Summer Exhibit "Ice Worlds"

Fluid Thinking, Imperial Fringe, December 2013

At the Fluid Thinking, Imperial Fringe, Dec 2013.

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