Marina Galand


Reader in Planetary Science at the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group, Department of Physics, Imperial College London

Member of the Imperial Space Lab

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Email: m.galand at

Ph.D., Université de Grenoble, France (1996)

Work Experience

Scientific Research:

* Scientific PUBLICATIONS *

- Recent/current PG Students:

Gianluca Carnielli (Y3), Kevin Héritier (Y3)

Joshua Chadney (PhD, 2015)

Luc Sagnières (MSc with extended research, 2014)

- Current Research Associate:

Arnaud Beth

- Past Research Associates:

Jun Cui (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China),

Licia Ray (Lancaster University, UK),

Susarla Raghuram (NIT, India)

Erik Vigren (IRF/Uppsala, Sweden)

The team!

Award and Prize:

- Holweck IoP-SFP Medal & Prize, Institute of Physics / Société Française de Physique, 2018.

- Shortlisted for Best Teaching for Undergraduates, Imperial College Student Academic Choice Award (SACA), 2017.

- Faculty of Natural Sciences Prize for Excellence in Teaching, Imperial College London, 2015.

- Elsie Widdowson Fellowship award, Imperial College London, 2008-2009.

- Zeldovich Medal, Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), 2006.

- Research Associateship Award, National Research Council (NRC), 1998-2000.

- Advanced Study Program Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), 1996-1998.


Selection: Invited Lectures & Keynotes

- Invited Speaker, Rosetta: Why are we chasing a comet?, Imperial SpaceLab Conference 2014, London, UK, September 25, 2014.

- Lecturer, 2014 STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School, London, UK, September 14-19, 2014.

- Lecturer, 2013 Heliophysics Summer School “Heliophysics of the Planetary System”, Boulder, USA, July 12-19, 2013.

- Lecturer, Astrobiology Summer School “Molecules in Space”, Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden, June 25-July 2, 2013.

Key Teaching/Administrative Activity:

- Lecturer, Vector Calculus (Year 1) [2014-present]

- Academic Coordinator, Physics Exchange Programme [2011-2014]

- Lecturer, Atmospheric Physics (Year 4) [2009-2013]

Instrument Involvement in Space Missions:

- Co-I, Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI), ESA / JUpiter ICy Moon Explorer (JUICE).

- Co-I, UltraViolet Spectrograph (UVS), ESA / JUpiter ICy Moon Explorer (JUICE).

- Co-I, Rosetta Plasma Consortium (RPC), ESA/Rosetta.

- Associate Scientist, Rosetta Orbiter Spectrometer for Ion and Neutral Analysis (Rosina), ESA/Rosetta

- Team Associate, Radio and Plasma Wave Science (RPWS), Cassini-Huygens.

- Supporting Investigator, ESA/Venus Express.

- Co-I, Lightning and Airglow Camera (LAC), JAXA/Akatsuki [formerly known as Planet-C and Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO)]

Selection: Community experience

- President, Scientific Committee, Laboratoire d’Excellence (LabEx) “Plas@Par”, Paris, France, 2014 to 2016.

- Member, Scientific Programme Committee, 6th Alfvén conference: Plasma interaction with Solar System objects: Anticipating Rosetta, Maven, and Mars Orbiter Mission, London, UK, 7-11 July 2014.

- Member, Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) of EU/FP7 Europlanet (EPN) Research Infrastructure (RI), 2010-2012.

- Leader, International Team on Saturn Aeronomy, International Space Science Institute (ISSI), 2009-2010.

Selection: Outreach Activities

- Co-Lead, "Experience what a comet is made of", Imperial Fringe: Space Odyssey, Imperial College London, London, UK, October 10, 2017. Podcast

- Participant, "A comet revealed", Royal Society Summer Exhibition, London, UK, July 2016.

- Leader, Exhibit on “Sniffing the building blocks of the Solar System with Rosetta”, Imperial Fringe, Imperial College London, London, UK, December 2014.

- Participant, "Catch A Comet", Royal Society Summer Exhibition, London, UK, July 2014.

- Leader, Exhibit on “Dirty snowball or the origin of life?”, Imperial Fringe: Fluid thinking, Imperial College London, London, UK, December 2013.

- Co-I, Royal Society Summer Exhibit on "Ice Worlds", London, UK, July 2013.

Other links:

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Making a comet, Sept 2017

At the 2013 Royal Society Summer Exhibit "Ice Worlds"

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