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Overview plots

We have produced a variety of data plots representing results from the Ulysses magnetometer and AT instruments. These plots may be freely copied and printed, so long as due credit is given to the creators, but note that they should not be used for publication. Please contact the team for publication-quality data.
Please note: several of the plots are not yet available: these plots have not been linked in to this page. They will be created soon.
Field magnitude
A plot of the magnetic field magnitude at Ulysses, from launch until early 1997.
Fast latitude scan
The field magnitude, polarity and power levels during the fast latitude scan from 80°S to 80°N during 1994 and 1995.
Polarity sphere
A stunning figure showing the field polarity measured by Ulysses during the fast latitude scan, wrapped onto a sphere and compared with model predictions.

Most recent data

This plot of the most recent magnetic field data received by the team is updated each weekend and covers the last 3 months of data.

Long term magnetic field plots

A set of figures showing the field magnitude and direction for the following periods:

Supporting data

A few other figures related to Ulysses:
Orbit projections
Sunspot numbers
Monthly sunspot numbers over the period of the Ulysses mission.

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