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Last updated: 10th October 2022

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These pages are maintained by "spathelp"
Email: spathelp@imperial.ac.uk

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The information contained in these local webpages are designed to help you understand what local computing facilities we have, how to access them and also what software is available as a member of the SPAT Physics Group.

You are strongly advised to visit the Imperial College ICT webpages for most of your general computing requirements, which includes software that is available to members of Imperial College.

USEFUL: Remote access to the College network instructions here.
PDF version of SPAT Help's Brief Intro is here.

The most commonly enquired about software packages are:

OpenText eXceed (X Windows software. Free alternative is Xming)
Harris Geospatial IDL v8.7.3
Mathworks MATLAB R2022b

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Windows 10 upgrades)

NB: Microsoft Visual Studio ** No longer covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement **

At present, only the eXceed and IDL software are distributed via SPAT (email spathelp@imperial.ac.uk), the remaining software should be obtained directly from the ICT Software Shop.